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Explore Kirklees is an online business and events directory that does exactly what it says. It helps visitors discover amazing places, businesses and events in Kirklees, quickly and easily.

Boosts business

It gives businesses a boost too. A listing on Explore Kirklees, is a quick, easy and cheap as chips way to put your goods and services in the online spotlight.
If you want to know how Explore Kirklees is different from other online directories, ask  Eliot Rigby the owner . and experienced marketer, for decades he’s been helping businesses.

get noticed online.

“Having a website or Facebook page is one thing, but how do your potential customers find you? For many businesses, getting noticed online is tough unless you can afford to spend big bucks. We wanted to create a directory that would give local businesses and charities in Kirklees the opportunity to get their name in front of customers who are looking to buy,” said Eliot.

Benefits businesses

Grabbing the top Google search spot can seem as elusive as hunting for the Holy Grail. Especially for smaller companies without bottomless advertising and marketing budgets.
This is where Explore Kirklees give you an advantage. By the way, they’re not promising the top Google spot – beware any company making that false promise – but by doing their magic behind the scenes they can help drive traffic to your listing.
The ‘magic’ is actually a combination of a lot of hard work, behind the scenes search engine optimisation and years of experience. The result is more traffic, and more business for you.

Yet, the really clever bit is the ready-made audience.
Explore Kirklees have partnered with some of the area’s most popular sporting organisations and charities, taking their online directory straight to the local people who want to use local businesses.

So simple and so much more

Explore Kirklees is so much more than a business directory. It’s a place where people can search for events, enter competitions, save with offers and even find their perfect career or forever home.

The app is free and easy to download, and it’s all supported by social media, engaging and relevant content. It’s a place where people want to be and a place where they’ll find your business.

You don’t even need a website to join. You can add information, pictures and contact links to your Explore Kirklees listing. You can even post offers and upload events, so it’s like having your own mini website. All that for less than you spend on cups of coffee in a month. Unless of course you don’t drink coffee; but it’s still really cheap!

Get started

If you’re a business, have a chat with Eunice and her team about setting up your listing. If you’re a charity or sporting/community organisation, find out how they we support you.

A monthly listing on our website and App is £20 + vat per month.

Our Social Repost service is £20 + vat per month

Taking both services together gives you massive reach across Kirklees for your business. 👍