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What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HbOT for short, is a well established, non-invasive therapy which involves breathing pure oxygen whilst in a pressurised environment. At higher pressures the body can absorb up to sixteen times more oxygen which benefits every one of the 15 trillion cells in the body. As such HBOT can provide a fantastic treatment for a huge range of ailments & issues from tissue recovery, stress relief, skin rejuvenation, chronic fatigue, sports recovery and so much more.



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There are two parts to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) -increased purity of Oxygen and Higher than normal pressure

The air we normally breathe contains 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, with the remaining 1% being contributed by the noble gases and carbon dioxide. However, in HbOT you breathe 95% pure oxygen.

Our chamber is pressurised to 1.45 Bar, which is almost one and a half times the pressure we normally experience in our everyday lives.

The unique HbOT combination of pure oxygen at high pressure has a revitalising effect. Better still these benefits involve no drugs and are non-intrusive.


The air that we breathe every day provides enough oxygen for both normal body metabolism and repair to tissue damage after injury or illness.

However, increasing the pressure surrounding a client in a hyperbaric chamber and using 95% oxygen allows a significant increase in the amount of oxygen dissolved in the bloodstream. This ‘enriched blood’ is carried to the 15 Trillion cells in their body even those with blocked or reduced blood flow can benefit.

This increased flow of oxygen stimulates and restores function to damaged cells and organs including those in the liver and brain. It also significantly enhances the body’s ability to heal.

The improvements we have seen in clients in our centres are little short of miraculous. It makes Oxify an exhilarating place to work!!


HbOT at Oxify is a very pleasurable experience. After you have entered your dedicated chamber, fully clothed with an oxygen mask placed over your nose and mouth, the pressure is gradually increased by an Oxify team member. The speed of pressure increase is carefully monitored and controlled. During your session you can read, listen to music or watch a movie. You are monitored throughout to ensure you are happy and at ease.
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